Buy masks
(100 sets collective packages)

1 set is constituting of:
Foam bar
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Pritective mask
(covers whole face)

dimensions 270mm x 400mm
Buy masks
(100 sets collective packages)

1 set is constituting of:
Foam bar
Name tab

VISOR180 Features

Mask is manufactured by experienced company according to the BRC standards, assuring high quality and hygiene
Made of high quality Polish components, following top market standards of manufacturing process.
Lightweight and easy for disinfection (you can use regular alcoholic disinfectants)
Take care for natural environment. After disposal put it to the trash bin for PLASTIC. Mask is made of PET, and can be easily recycled.

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1512 (incl. Taxes) / set

1 set is constituting of:
Foam bar
Name tab

Minimum order 100 sets or multiple.
Each mask is in individual plastic bag (dim 300x400 mm) with information leaflet and manual included.


Features of the personal mask


Dear Sir or Madam,
The Click-Pack company in known for the production of high-quality packaging and cups made of plastic or paper. We are a Polish privately held company that cares about both the environment and innovation of the products. We also truly love the challenges, posed by our Clients, which implementation is inscribed in the company’s DNA.

Our clients represent unique mix of medium and large companies that have grown upon family traditions, passions as well as due to many years of investments. On the top of significant business competences, all our business partners represent huge responsibility and willingness to help in the fight against the global COVID19 pandemic.

We noticed that the prevailing chaos creates for some companies opportunities to speculate and seek for extraordinary profits on sale of recently highly demanded personal protection products.

Therefore, using our competences, we decided to launch immediately the professional production of the VISOR180 mask, which is our (We hope, not the last) contribution to the fight against the virus and provides an EU alternative to other, usually imported from Asia products.

The production and distribution of masks would not be possible without our clients, who, based on their individual potentials, support us in this project. Thanks to this, some share of the VISOR180 masks will go free of charge to the most requiring places, who are out of the budgets, mostly in Poland (hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters and other organizations).

We are constantly optimizing our processes in order to make the Visor180 mask cheaper and as much as possible contribute in our society functioning fast return to “normal life”. VISOR180 supports this goal, due to its unique features:
– availability at a low price – 3.0EUR net/ 1 set (price recommended for the Consumer)
– production in conditions of increased hygiene (according to BRC standards – quality system used in the industries producing packaging intended for direct contact with food)
– minimal weight with maximum size – providing greater comfort of use and limited to minimum risk of transferring sprays / droplets with bacteria and viruses
– made of just one material – PET, which is very easy to recycle – remember about the environment and put the used mask in the bin dedicated for “PLASTIC”.
– easy disinfection – remember to regularly replace or clean the mask – use standard detergents or alcohol (over 65%) and a soft cloth
– Improved communication so that users, while maintaining a shield against bacteria and viruses, are able to break down communication barriers, still. We recommend that you put a name or a funny message on name tab attached to the mask! Have fun with the mask every day, make it a “tattoo” – let the use of VISOR180 be your proof of responsibility and, in parallel, show the character of its owner!

Thank you all for your trust and cooperation. We hope that due to common effort all will return to normalcy with free human personal communication as soon as possible.
Click-Pack team

Mask manual


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